This is how the credit system works

member: enter credits

  • To recharge credit, please transfer via e-banking or credit note the desired amount on the displayed account.
  • The larger the amount deposited, the easier it is for the one who controls the credit charges.
  • Please enter “credit-recharge” as your booking name, your name and, if the date of the transfer differs from the date of credit recharge, also the date of the credit recharge (then it will be easier to check).
  • Then click on “Enter deposited funds” and enter the amount you have just transferred into the system.
  • Price or weight changes of ordered products and cancellations will automatically be credited or deducted. You will be informed about this separately by e-mail.

Superadmin: Controlling, paybacks and settings

Superadmins also find a way under “Financial Reports” to compare bookings in the bank account with the paid-in amounts. This way you can correct any incorrect bookings. The respective member has to make the corrections himself, as admins or superadminers have (still) no access to the credit system of the members.

Superadmin can also clear funds and paybacks (for example, if the member leaves the club and still has credit) for other members, as well as delete deposits already made from third-party credit accounts. To do this, click on the respective account balance of the member in the member list.

Super admins can confirm or reject the credit recharge under “Financial Reports”, the status will then appear in the members’ credit system. This way, faulty charges can be detected early.

Reminder mail

Every Friday, a reminder will automatically be sent to those members whose account balance is negative. Members who have a positive balance will not be notified.

Order block from a certain credit balance

In the settings an order limit can be specified, from which it is no longer possible to order (for example - € 100,00). It works like this: If a member is in the setting “100 €” with 99 € in the minus, it can still make an order (no matter how high). From a credit of -101 €, the order function is blocked.

Which members are currently in the minus, see all admins under “activities”, set filters on “Cronjob: check credit”.