You need to define two cronjobs in your crontab. What is a cronjob / crontab?

1. Main cronjob

Create a cronjob that calls the URL every 10 minutes. If you use smaller intervals (eg. 1 min) the not_before_time defined in your cronjob configuration (table fcs_cronjobs) is executed more precisely.

A crontab line could look like this:

*/10 * * * * curl

New in v3.6 (April 2023)

Superadmins can now edit the cronjobs in the admin area (Homepage adminstration / tab “Cronjobs”) (

2. Queue

An additional cronjob needs to be set up to handle the queue (responsible for generating and sending any emails, order lists and invoices).

*/5 * * * * /your-app/bin/cake queue run

Eventually you need to run cake with bash:

*/5 * * * * bash /your-app/bin/cake queue run