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Setup / configuration

Create a cronjob that calls the URL every 10 minutes. If you use smaller intervals (eg. 1 min) the not_before_time defined in your cronjob configuration (table fcs_cronjobs) is executed more precisely.

The cronjobs are configured in the database table fcs_cronjobs - there is no backend so far.

  • time_interval: day, week or month
  • day_of_month: needs to be a valid day number (1-28/31) if time_interval is “month”. else: NULL
  • weekday: needs to be a valid, capitalized english weekday (eg. Monday, Tuesday) if time_interval is “week”. else: NULL
  • not_before_time: time (hh:mm:ss) when cronjob is executed earliest (exact time is depending on main cronjob’s time interval
  • active: 0 or 1


  • Changing the default values at own risk. Especially the day_of_month for SendInvoices (11) should not be changed!
  • Only one call per day per cronjob is supported (eg. BackupDatabase can’t be called twice a day).
  • If you already worked with FoodCoopShop < v2.3 and you want to switch to the new cronjob feature, be aware that it will call cronjobs again that were already called by the old configuration on that day. That’s because the old configuration did not write logs.


An additional cronjob needs to be set up to handle the queue (responsible for generating and sending order lists and invoices):

*/5 * * * * /your-app/bin/cake queue run