Deposit processing with member

Deposit is automatically deducted from the member’s credit in the default configuration (cashless payment). In the credit balance, it is shown in an extra column.

If a member returns empty containers, the amount of the empty container can be entered under “Orders” under the item “Deposit return”. This amount then appears in the credit balance and increases the credit of the member.

Deposit processing with manufacturer

If a manufacturer withdraws empty containers, he can enter the value of the empty container himself under the menu item Deposit account. It will then be counted against the delivered empty glasses and nicely displayed.

Admins can also enter these empty container returns for the manufacturer. The link to the deposit account of the respective manufacturer is on the manufacturer’s list in the column Deposit.

Both the menu item deposit account in the manufacturer login and the link to the deposit account of the manufacturer in the manufacturer list only appear if at least one product with a deposit was ordered from the manufacturer. Many manufacturers do not use a deposit and are thus not unnecessarily confused by the unnecessary menu item.

Annual Accounts

Since the entire deposit are rarely returned in the form of empty containers, at the end of the year the deposit account should be compensated with a compensation payment. This can be done by Superadmins in the respective deposit accounts of the manufacturers. Since there is always some deposit in circulation, it is not necessary to exactly balance the deposit account at the end of the year.

A possible difference of the sums (manufacturer - column deposit and members - second number column credits) can therefore result that deposit has already been used back and entered into the system, but has not yet been withdrawn by the manufacturer. It would then have to be in the form of empties in Abhollager.

Financial Report “Deposit”

In the financial report, only these clearing payments appear, not the empty-container returns.

Deposit balance in members overview

The balance of the deposit in the members list also contains only the clearing payments in addition to the deposit deliveries and the deposit returns for members. This number is the amount that is in the credit account, but is intended for deposit balances.

Help text: Transfer from menu item “Deposit Account”

  • Deposit sold / delivered before 2016/01/01 will not be considered.
  • Product delivered with deposit: deadline is the day of ordering the product that is “tagged with deposit” (not the delivery date!)
  • Empty container withdrawn: The key date is the day on which the return deposit was entered in the system. This can be done either in the form of empty containers or by bank transfer.
  • A click on details shows the exact composition of the monthly amount.
  • If you compensate the manufacturer for the deposit account with money, or he takes along empty containers, you can enter a new deposit return here.