Create a manufacturer

Admins and super admins have the possibility to create new ones in the admin area: Manufacturer - Create new manufacturer

So that the manufacturer can log in, log out of the admin, then under “Login” and “Forgot password” for the manufacturer request a new password, in the box enter the e-mail address of the manufacturer and click “Send”. The manufacturer then gets the password sent to his address.

Manufacturer Settings

In the manufacturer overview there is a symbol with a gear on the far right - here the following settings for the manufacturers can be changed. Since version 1.4, the manufacturers themselves can change their settings, they can find this under the menu item “Settings” in the manufacturer login.

Visibility of the products


Only admins and super admins can activate or deactivate the manufacturer. The manufacturer himself can not do this.

Delivery break

Simply select the dates where the delivery break should be active. If there are already orders for the desired date, those need to be cancelled in order to activate the delivery break.

Just for members?

If activated, only registered members can see this manufacturer.


Many automated email notifications can be enabled or disabled individually for each vendor to help curb the flood of emails as much as possible. A notification email is also sent to the manufacturer for instant orders. This can also be disabled.

Other settings

Variable membership fee

This point can only be seen if the module is activated. Manufacturers will be deducted the registered percentage from the invoice, that is, the prices must be accordingly higher in the system.

Which amount must be transferred? In the list of ordered products grouped by manufacturer, an additional column with the (possibly) reduced amount is displayed next to the actual invoice amount. For a better overview this is red if the amount is different (ie a percentage is defined).

Important: The amount shown in the list is always calculated according to the currently entered percentage. If this is changed and the list is called afterwards, the amounts change! Only in the bills (PDF), the actual amount is stored and viewed in retrospect.

This setting can not be viewed or changed by the manufacturer.

Preset tax rate for new products

If z. For example, if a manufacturer is not subject to VAT, his or her default tax rate can be changed to 0%. All newly created products have then automatically set 0%. This reduces the potential for error and work for the manufacturer.

Contact person

Every manufacturer can be assigned a contact person. The manufacturer then has access to the name, e-mail address and telephone number of this member.

This setting can not be changed by the manufacturer.


The FoodCoopShop software automatically sends invoices generated on behalf of the manufacturer every 11th of the month (unless the manufacturer has deactivated this in his settings). It is noted on the invoices that the respective foodcoop is only an intermediary and not a trader / seller (“conveyed for”).

These invoices contain an overview of all orders of the previous month and a detailed list of individual orders. Thus, it is completely documented which member ordered which product and when. For the operating foodcoop this is a documentation of its conveying activities, the manufacturers can put the invoice into their bookkeeping, all necessary formalities are taken into account (VAT, consecutive invoice number, date of invoice, etc.).

If the Foodcoop charges a variable membership fee, it will be shown separately on the invoice and will be deducted automatically.

Demo invoice without variable member fee

Important: If a pickup day occurs at the beginning of the month (i.e., falls on a 1st, 2nd or 3rd of the month), it may be that some of the orders for that pickup day were ordered the previous month. And when the invoices the order and not the pick-up or delivery date is taken into account, then from time to time does not coincide with the records of the manufacturer (which logically most of the time take into account the delivery date). In the sum of the year then it is true again.