Registration / Activation of members

Each member can register himself. To do this, click on the “Login” item and enter the e-mail address under “Create a member account” and follow the instructions.

Depending on the setting (can be changed by super admins), the member must first be activated by an admin (default setting) or is immediately unlocked.

To manually unlock a member, go to “Members” in the admin area, change the dropdown in the upper left to “deactivated”. Then click on the symbol in the “Status” column of the desired member. The member is activated and automatically gets his password.

Change data

Members can change their personal data under “My Data” by clicking on their name in the upper right corner - if they are logged in.

Change Password

Below the menu item “My data” is the menu item “Change password”

Rights administration for members

As a foodcoop, you can specify in the settings whether newly registered members will be assigned the group “Member” (default setting) or the group “Admin”. The assigned group can be changed under the menu item “Members” (Edit icon next to the group). For the changes to become active, the member must log out and log in again.


  • Member: only own orders and data can be viewed or changed
  • Admin: may change in the FoodCoopShop also foreign orders, manufacturers, pages, blog articles, create slideshows, categories and variants and edit
  • Superadmin: In addition to the admin functions, you can access the financial reports (overview of the credit-worthy charges), the software settings and can enter deposit compensation payments for manufacturers. They have access to the credit system of other members and can enter there in addition to the “normal” functions and paybacks. With the hourly billing module, superadmins can also access the time accounts of the manufacturer and member and, if necessary, change entries. You can also change the profile of other members and delete member accounts.
  • Manufacturers are not members and therefore are not members of any of the groups mentioned above.

Own “member” for pick-up services - Attention!

Time and again foodcoops come up with the idea to create a login with admin rights, which can then be used by many different people at the pickup service. But beware! That’s the way you pry out the practical activities feature, it can no longer (or only very difficult) be reconstructed with hindsight, who made what and when. Therefore please always use the personal logins, which are also used for ordering, for the pick-up service!

Delete member account

Each member can do this for their own member account, super admins can also delete other member accounts. In the members list in the admin section, the accumulated product or deposit value can be viewed from the account balance of deleted members by “turning off” the filter at the top left.

Automatic order reminder

If the automatic order reminder is activated system-wide (ask your software maintainer), an order reminder e-mail will be sent to members who have activated this feature in their profile as well. In order to curb the flood of mail, this email will not be sent if it has already been ordered in the current week.

In the admin area under “Members” you can see in the column “E-Mail”, which members have subscribed to the reminder. Under “Activities” you can see to which members these reminders were specifically sent (for a better overview, if necessary, set the filter to “Cronjob: E-Mail Order Reminder” and note the date).