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Migration guide


  • Always make a database and file backup before updating your installation!
  • There is no automatic update tool, updating FoodCoopShop needs to be done manually. But it’s not too hard and this migration guide helps you.
  • Updating from v2.x to v3.x can only be done from v2.7.x Migration guide for v2.x

FCS v3.2.1

  • replace source code => see bottom of page
  • Due to a code cleaning problem where all old migrations were removed in v3.0, two migrations were lost. Installations that migrated from <= v3.0 to v3.2.x need to copy these two migrations - Migration A and Migration B - into the folder /config/Migrations/ and then go on with the next point “execute migrations”. Details
  • execute migrations => see bottom of page
  • execute bin/cake cache clear_all

FCS v3.2.0

  • replace source code => see bottom of page
  • execute migrations => see bottom of page: the command changed with this version!
  • add a new cronjob to handle the new queue: */5 * * * * /your-app/bin/cake queue runworker -q
  • rename app.customFrontendColorTheme to app.customThemeMainColor
  • The new default logo format is png. You can change back to jpg setting app.logoFileName to logo.jpg
  • Minimal requirement for PHP is now 7.4
  • After the update, please remove app.adminEmail and app.adminPassword.

FCS v3.1.x

  • replace source code => see bottom of page
  • execute migrations => see bottom of page

FCS v3.0.x

  • FCS v3.x uses CakePHP v4 as the base framework.
  • For the new major version v3 a lot of legacy code was removed. Please ensure that your last v2.x installation at least runs two full months in production before updating to v3! The reason is, that in v2.2 / v2.3 the invoice generation was changed. If you don’t use the invoice cronjob, you can update to v3 immediately.
  • app.dateOfFirstSendInvoiceCronjobWithPickupDayUpdate can be removed
  • replace source code => see bottom of page
  • execute migrations => see bottom of page
  • PHP >= 7.3
  • MySQL >= 5.7.7 (to support utf8mb4)

execute migrations

>= v3.2: $ bin/cake migrations migrate && bin/cake migrations migrate -p Queue

< v3.2: $ bin/cake migrations migrate

replacing source code

  • rename old installation folder (e.g. foodcoopshop-old)
  • upload source code of new version into new folder with the name of the old version before renaming
  • copy the following files and folders from your old installation directory into the new directory
    • config/custom_config.php
    • config/credentials.php
    • webroot/files
    • files_private
    • and any other adapted files (favicons, /css/custom.css, /css/mobile-frontend-custom.css…)

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