Picking up the products

Admin area

In the admin area you come, in which you log in and then click on “admin area” in the top right.

How many boxes do I need?

If your Foodcoop prepares the Kisterl: Orders / Group by Member and then sort by Name (Click on “Member” in Heading) Filter => you can see which members have ordered and can estimate the price, which box size is needed.

Acceptance of the products

If a manufacturer should have forgotten the order list that he received by e-mail, you can view or print them under Orders / Order Lists. The lists are available either grouped by product or by member.

Canceling products

If a product is not delivered, you must cancel it so that the member does not have to pay and the product does not appear on the invoice for the manufacturer. Under “Orders / Ordered Products” you will find the symbol for the cancellation on the right side of the line, you also have to provide a reason for the cancellation. If you need to check which products have been canceled, simply click on “Orders / Canceled Products”.

If several products have to be canceled at the same time, you can tick the box on the left and click on “Cancel Selected Products” below.

Which emails are sent? See below.

Correcting the price of a product ordered (zero price product)

Sometimes it happens that the price of the already ordered product has to be changed (zero price product). Click on the edit icon next to the price.

Which emails are sent? See below.

Correct the ordered number

If you z. For example, if you order 2 pieces of kohlrabi, but the manufacturer can only deliver 1 piece, you can change the ordered quantity. This is done via the edit icon next to the number under Orders / Ordered Products. The member and the manufacturer will be informed by e-mail.

Correcting the ordered weight

If the product is billed with “Price per unit”, the weight can be retroactively adjusted under “Ordered products”. The price will be adjusted automatically.

Who gets which e-mails (cancellation, correction of price, number and weight)?

  • If the manufacturer cancels, the member will receive an e-mail
  • If a member cancels (eg shop service), the manufacturer and the member who ordered it will receive an e-mail
  • Before sending the order lists (eg on Tuesday), the manufacturer does not receive an e-mail, the member already.
  • The manufacturer can disable these emails in his manufacturer settings (not the member).

Show ordered products of the member

To view the ordered products of the member, click on the “Ordered Products” button under “Orders” (to the right of the member’s name). All products of all orders of the current week’s member will automatically be displayed (should have been ordered several times). When checking each other’s products, you do not have to remember the products, you can click on the respective line and it will turn green. Attention: When the page is reloaded, the coloring is gone!

Change order status to “completed”

Under “Orders” you will find on the right the button “Change order status”, with which you can set the order to “completed” (the line is green and stays green when the page is reloaded). To see who has not yet picked up their products, you can set the status filter (above) to “open”.

Attention: If a member has ordered several times, each order must be set to “completed”. By clicking on “Ordered Products”, however, all products from all orders will always be displayed (ie the same list will always appear, no matter which order you click). The whole thing is technically not possible otherwise but not too bad, if you know about this little peculiarity.

You can also change the order status on the Ordered Products page. The corresponding button “Change order status” is below and only appears if no filter is set by manufacturer or product AND a filter is set by member. After completing you will automatically return to the orders. At the end of the shop service no more open orders may be available.

Enter deposit return

The deposit will be automatically deducted from the credit of the member when ordering. Under “Orders” there is a button “Deposit return”, with which the amount of the empties can be entered, which brings the respective member back. The amount is thus credited back to the credit system.

Instant order for storage products

Under “Orders” (top right) there is the button “Instant order”. This feature is enabled from Wednesday to Saturday. It can make an order in the name of another member, which is then backdated automatically in the current order week. Mostly this is the past Tuesday. Since version 1.4, manufacturers are automatically informed when an instant order has been placed.

Products stay over at the end of the pickup day - what to do?

It may happen that products are left over at the end of the pick-up day. You can filter for this product under the Ordered Products / All Products drop-down to find out who ordered all of this product. You can also click on the product under “Ordered Products”, then it will be filtered automatically. If you’re lucky, it’s just a few people and you can remember who might have forgotten it. Under Members you will find the phone numbers of the members if you need to call someone.

Product is delivered, but taken by wrong member

In this case, try to find the member who probably took the product wrong. If this is no longer possible, I recommend the following procedure:

  • Cancel product (with note that it was taken wrong, but is reordered - the manufacturer will be notified by email about the cancellation)
  • Order product via instant order to a club account. Of course, the club account (a normal member account) must exist.

So the club pays, the farmer gets his money and the member who does not get the product does not have to pay anything. In addition, at the end of the year, it can be seen (total in the membership account) how much the club had to bear.

Explanations of “Orders”

  • Members with a leaf icon have ordered 3x or less.
  • A red call sign at the beginning of the line indicates whether the member has commented on the order. This can also be changed. If the icon is grayed out, a new comment can be created.

Explanations to “Ordered Products”

  • If you click on the check mark on the far left, the line is highlighted in green until the next page load.