Product declaration

All food sold over the internet must have complete food labeling. That’s what the legislator says.

In addition to a textual recording of this data, an image can also be uploaded. You can now, for example, Take a photo of the label and just upload it to the field Long description (product). It is also possible to use an existing image file of the label (for example in PNG format).

It is important that the indication of price per unit (basic price, eg cocktail tomatoes 250 g by 2 Euro (8 Euro / kg) is not forgotten.

How the image upload works exactly is described in [this doc to the WYSIWYG editor] (/en / wysiwyg-editor).

When ordering the image is then displayed automatically larger when you click on it.

If the product is sufficiently declared, please tick the box Product declaration OK?. With this check mark, the foodcoop (and also the manufacturer) can then understand which products have already been sufficiently declared and which are not.