Software settings

Most of the settings are self-explaining and can be made as a superadmin in the admin area.

To override the file-based settings in the files config/app_config.php, config/custom_config.php or config/credentials.php, please modify the files config/custom_config.php or config/credentials.php.

The file config/app_config.php must not be changed, as it would be overwritten by the next update.

Change weekly pickup day

Please use the script ChangeWeeklyPickupDayByOneDayShell to change the setting FCS_WEEKLY_PICKUP_DAY.

bin/cake ChangeWeeklyPickupDayByOneDay decrease => Changed Friday to Thursday

bin/cake ChangeWeeklyPickupDayByOneDay increase => Changed Thursday to Friday

The script automatically changes custom order list send days for certain products.

Do not forget to change the days when certain cronjobs run (e.g. EmailOrderReminder). Change that directly in the database table fcs_cronjobs.

Change the day where the order lists are sent

Open the table fcs_configuration and change the value of the field “FCS_DEFAULT_SEND_ORDER_LISTS_DAY_DELTA” (default: 2) to eg. 1.

Example: If you want to change the default weekly order cycle from Tuesday midnight (last order possible) - Wednesday morning (order lists are sent) - Friday (pickup day) - to: Thursday midnight (last order possible) - Friday morning (order lists are sent) - Saturday: (pickup day), you would need to:

  • execute bin/cake ChangeWeeklyPickupDayByOneDay increase once

Officially supported delivery cycles

Last order day pickup day info
Tuesday Friday default
Monday Tuesday  
Thursday Friday  
Wednesday Friday  
Saturday Thursday added in v3.6