Tips & Tricks

Create membership fees as a product

An easy way to collect membership fees is the following procedure (thx to Speis Vorchdorf!):

  • Create your own foodcoop as manufacturer
  • Create product “membership fee”, this can e.g. 4 variants have: 6 months single household, 6 months family, 12 months single household, 12 months family
  • Communicate to members that this product must be ordered.
  • For new members who join later in the year, the price can be adjusted with the function “change price” afterwards.
  • The Foodcoop transfers each month even the money from one account to another (from the account on which the credit deposits land on the club account).

This process has the great advantage that the existing credit system can be used. At the fair divisor we do this since the beginning of 2017 and it works wonderfully.

Create annual overview of ordered products

Under ordered products there is the possibility to group product. This gives you a nice, sortable, overview of which products were ordered in a certain period of time.

  • The feature is equally interesting for members, manufacturers and the Foodcoop itself.